Underwater archaeological survery in Ishigaki Island, Japan

Researcher Norimitsu Sakagami, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Department of Navigation and Ocean Engineering
(Visiting research fellow, Ritsumeikan Univ. 2008.4-)
(Joint research fellow, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature 2011.6-)
(Visiting researcher, University of Hawaii 2014.9.5-2015.9.4)
Research Sakagami Lab. is developing underwater robots and surface vehicles for underwater exploration.
*Position measurement system using a camera and underwater archaeological survey
*Portable 6 degrees-of-freedom gripper robot
*Portable underwater robot for soil core sampling
*Autonomous wave-powered boat, etc.   Research
Contact Sakagami Laboratory
Shimizu campus, Tokai University,
3-20-1 Orido, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka 424-0902, Japan
Tel: +81-54-334-0411 (ex.3322)
Fax: +81-54-334-9982
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What's new (Last updated on 5/6/2015)
Professor Kawamura, a research collaborator at Ritsumeikan University, presented an invited talk in IFAC Workshop on Navigation, Guidance and Control of Underwater Vehicles.
Our educational robots and research posters were presented at the 3rd Town Meeting in Ishigaki Island.
Associate Professor Rintaro Ono, a research collaborator, and our robots were introduced in the National Geographic in Japanese.
Our educational robots were exhibited and our research posters were presented at the Academic & Science fair 2014 in Shizuoka.
Our ROV, K-chan, and educational robots were exhibited at Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum in Okinawa.
Dr. Sakagami is working as a visiting scholar at the College of Engineering, University of Hawaii at Manoa.
We held the 2nd environmental education event in Ishigaki Island, Japan. The local high school and junior high school students built underwater observation robots controlled by smartphones and learned about ocean environment using the robots.
The open campus days took place on our campus. We presented an underwater observation robot controlled by a smartphone.
The open-ship event (research and training vessel Bousei Maru) took place at Beppu port in Oita, Japan. We presented a small underwater robot controlled by a smartphone.
The local high school students in Ishigaki Island learned about an underwater cultural heritage. We took the students to nearby an underwater cultural heritage site with several archaeologists. The students operated our lab ROV, K-chan, to learn about the heritage.
There was a parent orientation meeting at Tokai University Boyo senior high school in Chiba, Japan. Dr. Sakagami explained The School of Marine Science and Technology to the parents.
Underwater archaeological survey in Ishigaki Island and our research was in Yomiuri newspaper.
  • ARTEMI: Underwater 6 DOF Gripper Robot
  • MITSURUGI: Underwater Robot for Soil Core Sampling
  • K-chan: Testbed Underwater Robot
  • CoCo: Human-sized Underwater Robot with Two Manipulators
  • Discovery: Underwater Robotic Inspection System
  • Autonomous Wave-Powered Boat with WDPS
  • Robots for Ocean Environmental Education