“Laboratory Manual on Fundamental Ichthyology” is now available as 2 styles of electronic publications.
This text book to study fishes is originally published in Japanese for undergraduate students of School of Marine Science and Technology, Tokai University. The translation has done on selected chapters for worldwide users. This publication is supported by Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN, Project No.14200061), and School of Marine Science and Technology, Tokai University.

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I. Observation of external morphology
     1. General guidelines for sketching fish: TANAKA, Yoichi
     2. External morphology of sharks (Chondrichthyes): TANAKA, Sho
     3. External morphology of rays (Chondrichthyes): TANAKA, Sho
     4. External morphology of Teleostei: KISHIMOTO, Hirokazu
     5. Scales and lateral line canals: SUZUKI, Nobuhiro
     6. Luminescent organ: KUBOTA, Tadashi

II. Fish measurement
     1. Measuring equipment: KISHIMOTO, Hirokazu
     2. How to measure Chondrichthyes; sharks: TANAKA, Sho
     3. How to measure Chondrichthyes; skates and rays: TANAKA, Sho
     4. How to measure Teleostei: KISHIMOTO, Hirokazu

III. Observation of internal morphology
     1. Formation of viscera: KISHIMOTO, Hirokazu
     2. Observation of gills: KISHIMOTO, Hirokazu
     3. Names and classification of skeletons: KISHIMOTO, Hirokazu
     4. How to observe skeletons: KISHIMOTO, Hirokazu
     5. Observation of the splanchnocranium, pectoral girdle, and pelvic girdle:
          KISHIMOTO, Hirokazu & AOKI, Mitsuyoshi
     6. Observation of the neurocranium:
          KISHIMOTO, Hirokazu & AOKI, Mitsuyoshi
     7. Observation of the vertebral column and vertical fins:
          KISHIMOTO, Hirokazu & AOKI, Mitsuyoshi
     8. Observation of the muscular system:
          KISHIMOTO, Hirokazu & AOKI, Mitsuyoshi

IV. Related field of experimental ichthyology
     1. Sketching eggs, larvae and juveniles: TANAKA, Yoichi
     2. Morphological/ecological characteristics of fish eggs
      by type and developmental stage:    TANAKA, Yoichi